The BOHO teepee

Welcome to our Boho tepeea unique place where the adventure and the romance come together to offer a memorable experience, whether you're travelling as a couple or with friends. 

This lodge tent is designed to accommodate two people in a warm, romantic setting. You'll be immediately captivated by the atmosphere. bohemian that reigns here. The double bed, at the heart of the tent, is surrounded by light fabrics in shimmering colours, creating an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. 

The Tipi tent is equipped with a outdoor bathroom with all the comforts of a refreshing shower. The outdoor toilet adds a touch of adventure to your stay. 

Whether you come in couple or between friendsThere is also a private outdoor area where you can relax, dine al fresco or simply enjoy the sunshine. surrounding nature. Birdsong, rustling leaves and fresh air envelop you in a peaceful ambience.

Your stay in our Bohemian tepee promises unforgettable moments, whether you want to share a romantic getaway for two or create unforgettable memories with friends. Adventure, comfort and nature combine to offer you a unique experience. Enjoy starlit nights and precious moments in this inspiring environment.



A double bed, measuring 160*200, which can also be split into single beds to suit your preferences.


A fully-equipped shower room is located outside, with a separate WC.

Number of hosts

Suitable for 2 people.

Fan and heater

Fan to cool the air in all seasons. The BOHO Tipi is also heated in winter, and sheets and towels are provided for your comfort.

Pool access

Access to the swimming pool is included!

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Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience at Pavillon Vert, in our elegantly decorated rooms, where luxury and authenticity meet in the heart of nature.

Just a stone's throw from the Grand Avignon golf course and equestrian centres, Le Pavillon Vert will win you over with its charm and location on the outskirts of Avignon and within easy reach of all the sights of Provence.

Le Pavillon Vert

Welcome to the heart of Provence

Provence, the enchanting region of southern France, is a veritable jewel that dazzles visitors with its beauty and timeless charm.

Famous for its lavender fields in full bloom, terraced vineyards and picturesque villages with sun-drenched facades, Provence offers an authentic and soothing experience.

Between the spectacular landscapes of the Alpilles and Luberon, the Provençal markets brimming with local delicacies, and the historic remains, this region evokes a gentle blend of tradition and modernity.

The narrow, winding streets are home to hidden treasures, while the Mediterranean cuisine perfumes the air with its bewitching flavours.

Provence is a destination where culture, nature and well-being meet, inviting travellers to lose themselves in the magic of this corner of paradise.

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