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In the Heart of Lucidity with Instant OLAM on 8&9 June. On the programme: ✨Exploration of vibrational frequencies and anchor breathing techniques. ✨Meditation to raise vibration and exploration of the invisible connection. ✨Group practices such as shamanic communion and collective healing to open perceptions. ✨Exercises to connect to one's intuition and card drawing. ✨Visualisation protocol for lucid dreaming practice and closing ritual in the wilderness to honour the path.
The Voice of the Yoni with Caroline from 16 to 22 June. Calling all women of conscience! As we come out of the cold, I'd like to ask you: Who - among you ladies - would like and/or need to do a good crease-cleaning to clear the way for the field of the ontological Yes, the song of the ontological Yes, so that it can vibrate from part to part inside and outside you this summer? For those who want to move from panic to pranic, from victim to disciple, from struggle to playfulness, we've made an appointment at the Pavillon Vert for a week-long residential course in Yoga of the Voice: The Voice of the Yoni, leading up to the solstice on 21 June.
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Monthly "Full Moon Ceremony" with Instant ÔLAM
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