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Intellectual property

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The databases on the website are also protected by the latter (European directive of 11 March 1996).

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The Pavillon Vert reserves the right to take legal action in the event of non-compliance with applicable intellectual property laws.

Protection of personal data

Consultation of the Pavillon Vert site is free.

Any collection of personal information on the site will be the subject of a warning message specifying the optional or compulsory nature of the responses, the purpose of the collection, the categories of recipients of the information collected, the procedures for exercising the right. access and rectification of personal data.

This right can be exercised by writing to the Pavillon Vert using the site contact form.


Any systematic recovery of email addresses for commercial purposes (advertising, spamming, etc.) is prohibited and may lead to prosecution.

The establishment of hypertext links to this site cannot be carried out without the prior written authorization of the manager of the Pavillon Vert site.

The Pavillon Vert does everything in its power to offer users information and tools that are available and verified, but cannot be held liable for errors concerning the information accessible on the site, malfunctions, damage or viruses occurring during the use or download from the site.

However, if you encounter technical problems, please report it using the site contact form.

Privacy policy

In any case, the data collected on the Pavillon Vert site will not be transferred or sold to third parties. No email address will be passed on to third parties. The data collected via the contact form is intended for the exclusive use of the manager of the Pavillon Vert site.


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